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Love Is Not A Drug

Taking Responsibility

By JacobPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Love Is Not A Drug
Photo by Norbert Tóth on Unsplash

Love is not a drug.

Relationships are not a drug.

Freindships are not a drug.

So why do you keep using everyone and everything like a drug?

You point your fingers at a toxic person or some past event and decide thats why you are the way you are. You fucked up. You hurt the wrong person, said the wrong things and connected with the wrong people .

Life is not about happiness.

Life is about experience, the good and the bad, the anger, sadness, depression, happiness, love and everything in between.

But its easier to mask the bad things and project the great things isnt it?

Put on a smile and act like your life isnt falling apart from the inside.

The thing about drugs is, they are great at hiding pain, making you forget your past. Sometimes they almost make you feel like you are healing. But then the night ends, the booze runs out and you are left with nothing but empty bottles and conversations you aren’t sure anyone heard.

But its not just cocaine or booze you start using to hide is it? Its people. Their connections, emotions, their trauma. You will do anything to get away from your pain so you mask your own with others. Consume yourself with their lives and their problems and for a moment it makes you forget your broken soul.

Its time to stop the madness.

The only person that can fix all of this is you.

Friendships are an experience.

Relationships are an experience.

Love is an experience.

The best part is, the experience comes from inside of you, and no one can take that from you.

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