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Love is Eternal

A poem

By Caroline-StoryGirlCAPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Sometimes it’s hard to find my way,

I struggle with this every day.

Are my thoughts truly my own?

Or are they someone else’s I’ve never known?

I toil and struggle to know the real me.



Dreams set me free.

My heart still closed in a vice-like grip.

I pray someday wide open it will rip.

One thing I know for sure,

The light within me is there and secure.

It waits…



Watching my every move until that day comes

When I chose to believe great love resides in me.

When I chose to believe this Love won’t run out,

I won’t be dismayed.

Loved is eternal even on those gray days.

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About the Creator


Hi there! I’m a fiction writer. Written all my life. Want to inspire if I can. Living on a guest horse ranch in Baja California, Mexico. Married to a Mexican Cowboy!

Website: carolineaguiarauthor.com

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