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Love Ink:

Narrative poem in collaboration with Pen Mysteries

Love Ink:
Photo by H.F.E & CO on Unsplash


seldom stays here for long

love ink


in a wink-

Don't cry dear,

its not your fault.

You will conquer,

and recover

Trust me,

she has more scars,

than beauty marks...

Her heart,

sits upon a undusted shelf—

Undaunted marked:

Dear no one


detached from romance...

Let your heart,

Free of troubles

running your own race

in a rumble...

Sickness humbles,

Look,appreciate, contemplate

his hearts desire to be her muse...

a white rose, placed in


A sharpened stem quill,

he paints the roses red, living in her fantasies

Petals dropping like hints

too deepen the connection

Soaking in the love ink,

turning the crisp petals black-

I wish,

was simple as a smile


a dimple...

I wish,

to stay all through

hard and soft moments

like a tattoo on your skin,

raise you up

Only then see,

you’re as bold,

as stroke of a pen

and as soft as rose petals on a stairway...

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Saroyan Coles
Saroyan Coles
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Saroyan Coles

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