Love in the Sixth World

by LB 5 months ago in love poems

A vision at the end of a dream

Love in the Sixth World

Faint were the days of our fathers

Reading lost words in burning trees

Former fables, vanishing in the sky

Misplaced, like the face of the land

In the crying eye of a distorted planet

I was alone, floating among the debris of the Fifth World… the slow and final page

It seemed only I could feel the sensation

A mystic adrenaline below the surface

Swift but forceful, this peaceful current

Cutting through plains of glacial static

Swelling within the hollows of my heart

This feeling… one can hardly call a ‘sound’. It was alien to me, like an entirely new sense had emerged

I was drawn into a new ethereal vista

A deep euphoric vision of sun and wind

Past the clearing of all mind and matter

Away from civilization’s sleeping dream

Richer now than the time of the earth

The goddess of memory… a song to touch

Her eyes appeared… soft and translucent

As I gravitated to the shores of her embrace

Like a fallen memory rising into the present

Streaming into new love… naked and warm

Together at the outskirts of the sixth world

… with our hearts wide open.

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