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Love in the Mind but Not in the Body or Soul

by Creative Hub 5 years ago in love poems
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George Hiegel

I've got a woman on my mind

She seems to have made a home in there

Redecorating from left to right

Today she put up some new curtains

And has plans to stay all night

I have feelings for this woman

Yes, I sure as hell do

I've tried not to think of her

For quite a long time now

But my feelings have only grew

Her loving me is an impossibility

Just a wild, reckless dream

In both my waking and dreaming eye

I wish I could push out of my thoughts

Once and for all in sad, final goodbye

The odds are so staggeringly against the possibility

Of her and I sharing intimate time and space

Age, background, circumstance and on and on

There is so much working against it

And so little working toward it

Yet, I can't begin to even estimate

How many times, just how many times

I closed my expressive weary eyes

And seen that strong and attractive face

And how long will this go on

Her and all her womanness

In scene after cinematic scene

Showing at all hours of the day

In my love tormented mind

No matter what I do

No matter where I go

I can't escape, there is no escape

She is, I fear, here to stay

In my thoughts, yes

In my heart, yes

But not in my life

Never to love her

And never to be loved by her

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