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Love Illusion:

Narrative Poem

Love Illusion:
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The wind,

wicks the rain off the roof of my home...

Taps the window, to say, “ good mornin!”

My body a corpse to time,

Nah, hour glass figure, of mine

Rather a classic etch e-sketch


No grandiose life-

Just day by day,

I am a rain stick!

No matter which way,

my mood turns—

The sound of rain always follows

like teardrops fall in misery

I write of love

as if all my heartaches

could salvage

the pieces of their egos!

As if light could not cast shadows

The look always given, never surprises

Non verbal, did you really just...

To my, I wish I hadn’t

Discard me, whenever you please,

like the joker in a deck

Even with,

four kings in my corner,


got me feeling less than sober


Pull the rug underneath me,

just to watch me stumble

Slight of hand-

Withdrawn affection

Hurt by lack of understanding

the illusion behind your intentions.

A magic trick you have mastered!

I am the rabbit,

whose ears you tug.

I am the cadged love dove,

you let spread her wings;

Just to watch her disappear!

Disjoin the rings of

longevity promises.


endless circle conversations!

Like silk scarves from your lips...

Pull the quarter from behind someone else’s ear!

The currency for my time has changed



Saroyan Coles
Saroyan Coles
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Saroyan Coles

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