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Love for a Soldier

The life of the party

By Nani CruzPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Love for a Soldier
Photo by Ezequiel Garrido on Unsplash

This American hero is

one who wears his face stern,

who gets the job done,

and who makes his loved ones proud.

He is bathed in admiration

and stories of respect

and gratitude at his house party

as old friends gather ‘round

to share laughs about the past

over a few lukewarm beers.

His friends recount stories

of how he exploits their fears

for the sake of fun pranks

and how he pushes them

to become better people

by letting their guard down.

Granted, years of combat can

harden the gentlest of souls

and make the everyday smile

that much harder to fake.

However, he brought it out of them

as he dragged them out for drinks

and made them cheer him on

as they recorded his drunken karaoke.

If only this party were one

where he could tell his version

of the glorious stories in return,

but this party will be their last

for it is their final goodbye

as they share their love for a soldier

who has lost his final battle.

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About the Creator

Nani Cruz

As a 23 year old grad school student, I spend a lot of time writing academically. Now I’m taking time to write creatively and enjoy creating stories about whatever makes me happy.

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