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Is it real

By Jason ShipleyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

What can have you feeling so high that your convinced you will never come down? So happy that you believe your smile is permanent just impossible for you to frown.

Overcome with a fervor for life previously unknown to you, just different than eva before ; This elation of joy so powerful your just waiting for it to seep out your pores.

Feeling so strong it has been known to be able to turn a grown man into an infant; Complete with thumb sucking plus the goo goo indiscernible speech in an instant.

Make the toughest human being cry like that baby would for the very first time ; Leaving only a shell of that person as if it destroyed their mind.

Take all your senses, tie them up in a pretzel then flip them inside out; Left lost as to what's up or down, wet or dry, do I taste with my touch or by mouth

Can take the most law abiding citizen and make them go to the dark side and a life of crime; End up becoming the most dangerous drug kingpin of all time.

Turn the flying un into a hooker with out any explanation; Go from being celibate to getting income from every instance of penetration.

Turn a follower into the walking breathing epitome of the 😈 devil incarnate on 🌍 earth; Changing from Pope to 😈 devil like Jekyll and Hyde as if he been cursed.

But a curse is not what can make all these things into a new kind of reality; Although sure there is plenty that take it way passed a curse into a full blown tragedy.

Such as converting the class geek into an infamous gangster thug; Harder and more violent than any gang banger regardless if crip or Blood.

Even seen it take the biggest drug dealer in town then make him become a rehab counselor; Now that's not a tragedy. that's something worth rooting for .

Can make the most peaceful Amish man turn into a homicidal killer; Taking out an entire community to erase the family name, a family tree steamer.

Could have took Martin Luther King and transform him into Malcolm X; Screaming by any means necessary so come pick your poison, take an AK or a Tec.

Point is that when thus is a part of someone you never know what to expect; Knowing how far to extremes it can lead is something that you have to respect.

If you have felt what I'm speaking of then you know exactly what I'm saying; Just like me you probably also agree that it's effects on humans can not be over stated.

It's a subject that depths of power since the beginning of time been debated; By every human from time learn to comprehend til long after gone and cremated.

Has toppled kingdoms as well as obliterate the most powerful rulers known to man; Shrink giants down to size of an ant plus turn hearts into putty in their hands.

Other than the big man himself don't know of anything else that can compare; To the ferocity known to be exhibited by one ounce of this I swear.

A woman's scorn be dammed as it pertains to the ebbs and flows of this; Scary as may be it can come from just a look or possibly a kiss.

Or can take years of trying to find with absolutely no luck; Leaving you so deflated feeling like you been ran over by an 18 wheeler semi truck.

Just as easily as it can be the best thing ever can also be the worst; More painful than death which is why so many would rather just die first .

Anything from dehibilitating pain and heartache through like your body been hit with electricity; All stemming from a little 4 letter word L. O. V. E.

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