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Louder Than Words

by E.B. Mahoney 2 months ago in heartbreak / love poems
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the loudest silence I ever heard

Louder Than Words
Photo by Batuhan Doğan on Unsplash

Went through the messages today

To see if old pain could be renewed

Wondering how I didn’t know

it was over when you left my house in January

How I held onto your reluctant promise

And listened to your words,

Not what I knew, but went unspoken.

How I accused you of things

You didn’t deny

And you let my pain fall in silence.

If you wanted me, you would have stayed

For actions speak louder than words.

Fool I was, hoping you’d be swayed

By your commitment and promise to us

The blanks the loudest silence ever heard

If you’d been honest from the start,

I could have saved myself from shame

How quickly ‘I love you,’ ‘I miss you,’

Can turn to empty silence.

Not knowing how broken we were,

I fought for us to fix it.

You never told me exactly what you’d done.

Don’t know if you feared my anger,

Or your shattered reflection

But the cruellest thing you ever did was hide

And for weeks I reached out,

mortified each time.

And when you finally did, it was for a favour,

You thought I was still your friend.

And when you apologised,

it was ‘for being honest.’

The joke, was it wasn’t soon enough.

There’s a big difference between won’t and can’t

When you said ‘ I just can’t be your knight.’

I loved you as much as anyone

Who saw as much of you as you'd allow.

Perhaps they see the real you,

Where I wasn’t afforded the same.

Or perhaps I denied it,

and you, all too willing, affirmed.

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About the author

E.B. Mahoney

Amateur author, artist, and broke student. Based in Australia, E.B. Mahoney enjoys climbing trees, playing a real-world version of a fictional sport, and writing in the scant spare time she has left.


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