Loud Goodbye and Silent Truth

by Tracy Rose 11 days ago in heartbreak

You scream your lies and stay quiet on your truth.

Loud Goodbye and Silent Truth
Photo by 小谢 on Unsplash

Piece by piece everything falls

Summers here

We are over

And then comes fall

And I need to fall

Out of love with you

So you push me

Push me down the flowered hill

Down further and further

You push me into falling

You think about reaching out to grab my hand

You didn’t want me to fall

It wasn’t your plan

Your life seems empty

And there on your night stand

Is the letter I wrote you

How you were a coward

Not even a man

You watch me spiral

And fall down fast

You think to yourself

Could it have really last

You said your goodbyes loudly

And you throw me into the thunder

You see lightening strike me

But you tell god you didn’t want to hurt her

You try to yell your truth

As I’m going under

You say you always loved me

But I can’t hear you murmur

Tracy Rose
Tracy Rose
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Tracy Rose

I’ve lived my whole life with mental illnesses and tend to fall for the wrong people. I no longer want to feel stigmatized and ashamed. I will be sharing my writings, some funny and some serious. I hope to help reach those who suffer. ❤️

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