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by Erin N Hand 10 months ago in sad poetry

And now I fear I'm out of time

There is something quite dear to me

That I cannot seem to find

Person, place, thing, or thought

Or something deep inside

“What is it called?” you ask

Well that I do not know

The name it has eluded me

And many a wiser soul

I know it must have once been mine

If not how could I lose it

But it has been so many years

That now I can’t recall it

Its sound I am now deaf to

The feel of it has left me

But its shape I never can forget

The shape of the hole inside me

Please if you find it let me know

For I’ve been waiting oh so long

And all the years will shrink to days

When at last I hold it

There is something quite dear to me

That I can not seem to find

It has taken far too much from me

And now I fear I’m out of time

sad poetry

Erin N Hand

If I am lost in life right now then please never find me.

Poet, artist, writer, daughter, friend, dreamer, cat-mom, and with any luck, soon-to-be bird-mom!

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Erin N Hand
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