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Lost in the Storm

A Mother's Journey Through Postnatal Depression

By Myka YamiPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Paweł L.

A mother's love, a tumultuous sea,

Postnatal depression, a storm within she.

Emotions churn, unrelenting waves,

A soul in turmoil, a heart that craves.

A tiny life now in her hands,

Overwhelming fears, she can't withstand.

Tears that flow, with no end in sight,

A heavy burden, a constant fight.

Days blend into sleepless nights,

Lonely hours that darken her sights.

Questions that plague, doubts that persist,

Is she enough, or does she just exist?

In her arms, a fragile cry,

A little one who makes her want to die.

A love that's twisted, a bond that's frayed,

A force that's daunting, a strength that's swayed.

With each passing day, the darkness grows,

The light within her fades and slows.

Hope and joy, now distant dreams,

A new season, but nothing it seems.

A mother's love, a battle lost,

Conquered by depression, at such a cost.

A journey long, a fight that's tough,

A testament to a mother's love.

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