Losing a Friend

by Jade Renteria about a year ago in sad poetry


Losing a Friend
Black and White

I lost my good friend as I thought... I thought she felt the same way I do with her. Unfortunately, I found out in a hard way.

She doesn’t feel the same. I invested everything in her including my emotions and time. She took that away from me and threw it away. She doesn’t care. I lost myself along the way. I was willing to give myself for her. Why? I was too stupid. She is being careless.

She doesn’t understand emotions. She just put me on a shelf and she will pick me when she need me. Other time, she will leave me in dust. Am I too good to be true? Because I’m easy and you will settle for me? Why are you toying with my emotions?

You said you care about me but instead of caring, you just talk to me when you feel like it. I had to text you first, you never texts me first. She didn't want to invest in me. All of my memories with her will sneak out of my eyes. They rolled down my cheeks...

True friends are the one that never leave your side. They are there for the good and the bad times. When you going through something, who stayed is the truest friend.

When she came to visit, I was going through something really bad. No one knows...expect my family and closest friends who is like a family. She just stood there and laughed. I just wanted her to look at me and ask how I truly feel. But instead, silence has escaped out of my mouth. She just stood there being herself while I’m bleeding inside...

If I treated the way you treated me, you would hate me. I don’t hate you, I’m just disappointed that you turned into everything you said you’d never be.

It’s sad when people you know become people you knew. When you can walk right pass someone like they were never a part of your life. How you used to able to talk for hours and how now, you can barely even look at them. Friendship means understanding, not agreement. It’s mean forgiveness, not forgetting. It’s mean the memories last even if contact is lost.

Fake friends are only there when they need something from you. Don’t put your happiness in other people’s hands. They’ll drop it. They’ll drop it every time.

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Jade Renteria
Jade Renteria
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Jade Renteria

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