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Lore of a Ladybug

A Lesson in Happiness

By Marilyn GloverPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Lore of a Ladybug
Photo by Neringa Hünnefeld on Unsplash

She landed so eloquently on my wrist

An early morning in June

A beautiful encounter, her calling me

To attune

A ladybug of larger size

With the deepest scarlet shell

Engaging me to hear her words

So I listened very well

Oh ladybug, ladybird or beetle if you choose

Her presence is a spiritual one

A forbearer of good news

Stories attribute her; a truly lucky token

Magnificent creature, short life span

But her spirit is never broken

Era of innocence, wonder for little things

Ladybug has knowledge, as special as

Her wings

Master of metamorphosis, she truly is so bold

Her brief time, not spent in vain

A story to be told

nature poetry

About the Creator

Marilyn Glover

I am a 2x top Medium writer, editor, and owner of the publication Third Eye Gypsy. Poetry is my first love of writing and spirituality and love are my favorite topics. Follow me on Medium https://gmarilyn009.medium.com/

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