Looking In

A Foggy Picture

Looking In
Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

I look through a glass barrier

Cover by a light thin fabric

It is dark outside

So, I can see the shadow of people because their lights are on

I can see people sitting at a table

Handing over plates and food

It seems like a young family as some shadows are smaller than others

I can also see a shadow of a tv where the heads seem to turn

I wonder what they are watching

Could it be a game show, a movie, or a family tv show?

Maybe they could be watching sport

I watch trying to make up everyone’s life story

For my own amusement of course

I don’t know these people

Their lives do not affect me

I assume that they have a great family life

But I could be wrong

The shadows are just a blurry picture

There is nothing definitive about it

Just a bunch of assumptions that I come up with

Maybe the dynamic changes when the kids go to sleep

Maybe it is not a happy marriage

And they just put a facade when their children are around

But all I can tell right now is that there is a family looking at the tv

Talking and laughing with each other

social commentary
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