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Look Me In The Eyes

by Sam Eliza Green 12 days ago in performance poetry / sad poetry / heartbreak
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a poem

photo by João Jesus on Pexels

I never thanked you

for inadvertently teaching me

to avoid looking directly

into your eyes.

I didn’t realize

until I was confident

that you can gleam

some sort of connection

without the concealment

of sunshades.


What a silly

word we use

to excuse all the confusing

ways we hate each other.

“I love you, but I never

wanted children.”

And no amount

of empty affections

can scour

that from my memory.

I never thanked you

for showing me how to

change a tire

or break somebody’s nose.

Who knows,

it might save me

one day.

Maybe I should be

grateful that you

implanted invaluable

lessons into my life

like lying

to the only people

you have and pretending

to love the ones you don’t.


Have you ever really

known it?

“I don’t love;

I tolerate.”

Yet, I never really thanked

you for ignoring

my rare outbursts

or famous isolations.

Perhaps I should have

because I wouldn’t

be self-sufficient

without it.

For your sake,

I daydream of when

someone will ask me,

“How did

you accomplish this?”

Then, I will laugh and admit,

“My father didn’t

care to read

my stories.”

performance poetrysad poetryheartbreak

About the author

Sam Eliza Green

Wayward soul, who finds belonging in the eerie and bittersweet. Poetry, short stories, and epics. Stay a while if you're struggling to feel understood. There's a place for you here.

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  • Nichole Campbell5 days ago

    I absolutely love the subject that you touched on. "like lying to the only people you have and pretending to love the ones you don’t." Oy, oh, my... yes, I understand. Check out some of my poetry, as there is a place for me here perhaps, I have a place for you as well. :) Please keep writing.

  • Zakari Runge5 days ago

    Love the tone and pace of this! Amazing job! :)

  • great text. Amazing..

  • Jennifer David8 days ago

    I like the personal tone. It doesn't put me in the shoes of the narrator but rather allows a glimpse into their life. I appreciate the perspective and the raw but over it feellings.

  • If we're not loved Then we feel tolerated Left to be frustrated Unheard, even with bold statements And Declarations wishing for more Yet, love is a chore For parents and spouses: husbands and wives The sharpened daggers of feels, emotional knives Even children are cruel to one another Love can be withheld from sister to brother Or brother to sister Even in old age, from Madam to Mister When all we need is a kiss or A warm hug, maybe someone to hold our hands And walk with us through our love deprived lands Since value's internal it's something inside us It's hard to value ourselves, if no-one values us besides us Ourselves We're caught in this hell This hell hole pit This hell hole that fits The palace of the bottomless bucket That's been kicked beyond eons, so tuck it Away with our hearts like the love in our eyes It's the withholding of love between ourselves to each other we despise Us hypocrites demoralize What some people see and what and think as love So we demonize Their internal feelings and cast down even external truths Yet, if we're wise on the inside, naivety is the eternal youth Of holding on to survival tactics and not getting our needs met We do the opposite of what works, and coast with so many regrets Like if a mother begets And that mother berefts Compassion and care For the child she bares Abandonment and for the lack of care Why people don't share The love that's supposed to be generous Yet, we twist love like a serpent's head, making it venomous The venom poisons us, making degenerates Of cold hearts with thick skin Wishing to never feel again The stuff that people go through is just as ugly as sin So, how come when it's push come to shove Why can't people "Look us in the eyes" and be generous with love

  • Joseph June9 days ago

    You wrote your hearts out, and I felt it too… Nice one 👍

  • Manisha Dhalani9 days ago

    Right in the feels.

  • Ebony Dominguez9 days ago

    Wow, beautiful poetry

  • Brenton F10 days ago

    sadly beautiful and able to strike so many familiar places!

  • Natalia Grin10 days ago

    Heartfelt, beautiful.

  • Iris Morales10 days ago

    This was beautiful.

  • Kendall Defoe11 days ago

    Didn't know we had the same people in our lives... A very powerful piece of work.

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