Look Into My Eyes

A poem that I wrote back in 2013 and part of a collection called Lithium Enema.

Look Into My Eyes

It seems like no one gives a damn

Every morning I get ready for this land

By night, I’m tired and dirty with deeds

Everyone always looking at me


I have a stigma in my life

Cuts into me like a knife

My lonely mind is the only thing I know

My eyes see a world growing old


Fridays, Saturdays my best days

Screaming inside, yet not afraid

I know what I have done

Try to stay away from the one


So, I wander through the trees

and rest beneath the canopies

The day I go, I will be free

I’ve seen what you see


All those judgmental faces

Tell me you want to release

Just look into my eyes

I’ve seen many souls with needs


I can see that you want to be free

Your honesty will painfully help me

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Bazooka Teaches
Bazooka Teaches
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