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Longing For the Road

by Carrie Ellen Case 2 years ago in nature poetry

A Poem of Wanderlust

I long for the winding road

Its call is never ceasing

Through country back roads and on desert highways

It draws my heart to be releasing.

I long for that endless way

The one that stretches towards an unknown bay.

For the sun that both blinds and reveals the path ahead

For the moon and the stars that in the night sky tread.

My weary soul wishes for the early morning drives, passing dew covered fields

It hopes for the windy seas and sunlit stripped valleys that refuse to yield.

Give me the winding road

The endless highways and unfettered boulevards

Let my wheels run and my mind wander.

I long for the freedom the promise and the adventure of the gravel.

Give the winding road because I will have no other.

nature poetry

Carrie Ellen Case

Uncool writer. I like stories, music, film and travel but I can talk about everything. The world has so many tales left to find and I'm going to go after them.

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