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Long-Distance Love Poems (I)

My first long-distance relationship love poetry collection

By IRIS B STEHNPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Long-Distance Love Poems (I)
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1 | Over The Top

Golden Thoughts

Of Autumn Fog

Rising Up

As We Lay Down

Together As One

2 | The Bench

Sitting On The Bench

The Place Where We First Met

Longing For You

The Happy Place

For My Mind and Heart

Is You

3 | Together

We’re In This


Don’t You Forget

I’m There For You

As You Are

For Me Too

4 | Mended Heart

No Need To Look Back

The Future Will Show

That My Heart Was Right

To Leave It All Behind.

You Are Everything

I Can Imagine


In Your Heart

In Your Soul

In Your Mind

Through Your Touch.

My Heart Was In Depris


By Your Love


5 | Do You Know How Special You Are?


Are Unique



I Can See You

Not Only With My Eyes

But With My Heart


Near Or Far

6 | The Magic Mountain

To Think About You

I Don’t Need A Special Place



Because I Simply Do

All Day

Every Day


I Enjoy Driving

To Our Magic Mountain

Diving Deep

Into Our Place

Feeling Even Closer To You

We Have More Than One

Special Place

But That Mountain

Was My Happy Spot

For A Long Time

Now It Is Our Place Of Love

And Happiness

The Magic Mountain

Is As Beautiful

As You Are

Shining Its Beams

Of Glimmering Light

Right Into My Heart

I Will Meet You There

In A Glimpse Of Time


You Will Take My Breath Away

Once More

On Our Magic Mountain

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Mental health journey out of religious and narcissistic abuse and postpartum depression. Woman in tech.

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