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by Rebekah-Anne Nissen 2 months ago in sad poetry
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Lust vs Love

The below poem was one of my very first ever written pieces.

I was only 14 at the time I wrote it, and even now, many moons later, I see a child who grew up too fast. I see a girl who had an all too intimate knowledge of the carnal sins of man. I see a young girl who had already been stripped of her childlike wonder.

I see a kid who had daddy issues.


Burning with desire

Passion fills my bed

Lonely without someone

Messing with my head

Looking for devotion

With a single touch

Wanting you so badly

Needing you so much

Filling me with pleasure

Warming me with wine

Touching flesh to body

Knowing you are mine

Opening your soul

With the key of pain

Soon it will be over

Lonely once again

sad poetry

About the author

Rebekah-Anne Nissen

I am an eclectic lover of ethereal fiction and macabre writing. I love poetry, writing children's stories and novelettes that keep you wondering what's next. I am also an avid prepper for the impending apocalypse, so there's that too.

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