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Lonely Nights

by Ember Gray 15 days ago in heartbreak

What do you do when it all comes to an end?

What am I supposed to do now?

It’s all over,

After months of late nights together

Huddled in the living room,

Letting the hours fade into morning.

This gaping hole in my chest,

This feeling of being completely lost.

I just can’t grasp the emptiness inside.

How am I supposed to let go?

How am I supposed to move on?

I miss our time together.

No one could ever replace you.

I try to find another one to see,

But it just isn’t the same.

You are the one I’ve become attached to.

But like people say,

“Everything good must come to an end.”

I guess we have run our course.

It’s time to try something new,

Tomorrow I’ll find a new series on Netflix.

Ember Gray
Ember Gray
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