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Lockdown Lyricism: "Lack"

From a series of poems I penned during the early months of the pandemic.

By Jack Anderson KeanePublished 3 years ago 1 min read
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I don't know love.

So much so,

I may have already

Been on the receiving end

Of someone else's

And simply didn't

Recognise it.

I don't know love.

So much so,

I don't know how to give it,

Or feel it,

Or understand it,

Or believe that

I deserve it.

I don't know love.

So much so,

I could not rightly say

If appreciation,


Or lustful intoxication

Come anywhere close

To approximating

The true


I don't know love.

But I know I'd like to meet it.

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Jack Anderson Keane

An idiot pretending not to be an idiot.

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    Jack Anderson KeaneWritten by Jack Anderson Keane

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