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Lockdown Lyricism: "Elementarily Secondary"

From a series of poems I penned during the early months of the pandemic.

By Jack Anderson KeanePublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Lockdown Lyricism: "Elementarily Secondary"
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

What could be more writerly

Than using blank pages

As metaphors?

Similar similes smile

Wickedly at me

Taunting and scoffing

At the unoriginality

But I never claimed

To be a poet

With paradises lost

To Milton or Frost

Yeats and Auden

I am not

And doesn't this just

Show it?

I'm nothing more

Than filler

Until something else

So much better

Comes along to kill

The time

With songs that mean

Much more than mine

'Til then, I'll be your

Second best

Never forgetting I'm only here

At your behest

So hook me

And crook me

When I fail

The test

Hook my neck

And drag me

Right off

Stage left.

performance poetry

About the Creator

Jack Anderson Keane

An idiot pretending not to be an idiot.

You can also find me on Twitter (for memes), Instagram (for the pictures), Letterboxd (for film reviews), Medium (for a Vocal alternative), Goodreads (for book reviews), and Spotify (for my music).

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