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Lockdown Lyricism: "Bind"

From a series of poems I penned during the early months of the pandemic.

By Jack Anderson KeanePublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Photo by the author.

Fall to me

Let me linger

Were I free

I would falter

Weave your words

Bind me under

Were I to breathe

You'd be torn asunder

You made yourself

My oxygen

Every new breath

A little death

I'll rip my lungs

Out from my chest

So if I must drown

It's my choice

Not yours


Slips through my fingers

Dark, devoid

Means nothing to her


Chains me to her

Just her wish:

A homemade prisoner.

sad poetry

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Jack Anderson Keane

An idiot pretending not to be an idiot.

You can also find me on Twitter (for memes), Instagram (for the pictures), Letterboxd (for film reviews), Medium (for a Vocal alternative), Goodreads (for book reviews), and Spotify (for my music).

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    Jack Anderson KeaneWritten by Jack Anderson Keane

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