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Lock Down

Your not Dreaming

By Cameron KitchenPublished 4 years ago 2 min read
Something i painted ....

Everyone locked up in their homes like they’re on house arrest

Got people thinking they’re dying when they got a sore throat and cough on there chest

It’s like the whole world is being put to test but all it’s gonna do is end in civil unrest

We’re all being told to stay at home some of us might even be alone can only talk to people on the phone well the government flies drones around to make sure we’re all locked up in our safe little homes

Starting to feel like a criminal and the government as our judge Holden back on a release date creating hate making people judge their own faith for fucks sake we can only take so much our own government telling us we’re going to run out of food for fuck sake we hope this COVID-19 shit is just a test cause it is going to put the whole country into civil unrest

Over 1 million Dead and when some people Say I don’t know one person that is sick Its all a trick all that is is you being a prick just because you’re not sick you’re being a dick until it hits home and you’re on the phone saying your last words to your family all alone so before you end up as a number to the 1 million dead dont ignore how they said please dont open your doors because itll just make things worse the prime minister said There just trying to keep u from ending up dead.catching this isnt just like catching the flu cause u got a 50/50 chance that u might not pull through so just listen and we might just get through this together because we’re all walking in the same shoes together but if you don’t follow the rules you’re probably gonna die like the rest of the fools.One could only hope that this was just a bad dream ,cause this would be the worst nightmare a person could be living.

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