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Living Life Distracted

by Michael Redgen 6 months ago in social commentary · updated 6 months ago
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Our next global disaster might be a cultural one

Living Life Distracted
Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash

Stubborn we walk

blindfolded into a world of too many choices

walking as if no sorrow could touch us.

Stumbling automatons

like fickle robots who attend false churches with gusto.

Our flawed cultural norms still plague our society

put in place by drunkards and swindlers

by knaves who lied when they claimed to be awake.

How did we become so misled and blind?

How are people content with being fast asleep?


Artists are stuck in meaningless jobs

while innovators are trapped inventing for the rich

selling luxury goods to silence the masses

falsely disguised to promote forward momentum.

The world needs a rest, we need to slow down

we cannot take in all this erroneous creation.

We are at war with our own subconscious

leaving most people apathetic and tuning out.

Like so many people I have become directionless

like a ghost who floats detached from the world.

I don’t feel like I belong to this time or place anymore

I feel like my soul is being poisoned by

the never-ending toxic distractions and bad ideas.


People just want things to happen without reason

by changing the world simply for the sake of it.

But why must we fight to get a single word?

Why does ignorance get its own soapbox?

Why do words of wisdom get drowned out by the buzzing of hysteria?

As I write these words, I have a welling in stomach

to backspace the whole damn thing and never write another line again.

But I’m motivated to create but lost without rhyme or reason.


We are crying out to the world to slow down

we need to catch our breath before we’re left behind.

Our hearts ache for a simpler time

and long for the day when technology finally settles.

We are lost but will we always fall in a forward momentum

like an endless pendulum, ticking down the days till our deaths

raising our heart rates high so we never slow down

create, consume, create, consume

an autopilot life – a false dichotomy of mass consumption.


I will always have my boundless words

but today I am tongue-tied and lonely

living in a world that lives each second deluded.

We are blind to our own freedom and potential

living our lives distracted in a distraction.

And if we all continue to live confused and do nothing

our next global disaster might be a cultural one.

social commentary

About the author

Michael Redgen

While distracted by cats and coffee, Michael writes philosophical poetry to help sooth his restless soul. With a unique grasp of universal metaphor and imagery, he writes in depth diverse topics of life that are both personal and relatable.

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