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Living in a Noisy City


By Brenda AumaPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

In this bustling metropolis, I reside

Where sounds of chaos never subside

Cars honk, sirens wail, and people shout

A cacophony that pierces through and out

The streets are paved with concrete and steel

But the noise is what makes my heart feel

Alive and vibrant, it seeps into my soul

As I dance to the rhythm, whole

I embrace the din, the clamor, the fray

For in the midst of all this disarray

I find beauty, energy, and life

In every beat, in every strife

So let the horns blow, the drums roll

Let the voices rise and the sirens call

For in this noisy city, I am home

Where sound and spirit enthrall

nature poetry

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Brenda Auma

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