Living In A Dream

A poem.

Living In A Dream

Everything’s topsy-turvey, nothing’s exactly what it seems

It’s almost as if we’re all just simply living in a dream

Everyone is faking it, we’re pretending it’s all real

It might be the only way that we all know how to deal

Walking down these golden streets, I see everybody laughing

Look deeper you can also see sadness that everyone is masking

It’s supposed to be like Mecca, a holy place of peace

But search around and you’ll see the darkness looming underneath

Crooked cops and dirty shops all covering their trails

While hapless people buying whatever knock-offs they all sell

The streets are littered all with trash, people left out in the streets

Yet there’s those who are more concerned with the thread count of their sheets

So what is it about this place that has everyone’s appeal?

It must be the weather that LA has, at least that seems pretty real

social commentary
Demitri Wylde
Demitri Wylde
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Demitri Wylde

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