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Today, I choose to live


I had a tête-à-tête with death

On a rainy Friday night, some time in May

I felt the cold grip of death

And I’m not scared of her, I must say

I’m not afraid to die

But tonight I wish to live

I’ve learnt to leave my troubles behind

To love the demons in sight; the demons inside

Each step I take, means a way forward

Every doubt I make, breeds a fearful coward

Today, I choose to live

To love beyond borders

Tomorrow, I'd want to live

To share my time and joy

With the ones I love

And hope for even better days

But tomorrow is never promised

So I choose to live tonight

For the uncertainty of everything, makes the possibility of anything.

Pacho _
Pacho _
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Pacho _

There is nothing more satisfying than finding joy in who we are and become. I am a glass half-full person and a work in progress. Poetry is my means of CATHARSIS and Music is my THERAPY#ToLoveAndBeLoved

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