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Live Learn Love

by Issac Castle 8 months ago in inspirational
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Forgive yourself

Live Learn Love
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

So, I made a mistake.

And that’s simultaneously okay and not okay.

I hate making mistakes,

The shame of whatever it is this time.

Dread washes over my body but never washes away in the shower

I could steam up every mirror in the house and never feel cleaner

So, I made a mistake.

But, I won’t make it again.

I’ve learned my lesson, and now I begin again.

Mistakes are unpleasant events, but play your cards right and you won’t repeat them.

Maybe I can be like a Phoenix without the flames-

Aside from the redness of my hot skin.

So, I made mistakes.

But I learned from them.

The sun raises tomorrow,

And so will I.


About the author

Issac Castle

I enjoy writing in my free time

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