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Little Things

by Ashley Tong 2 years ago in sad poetry
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In memory of my dearest papa Lin

My heart was broken

When you left with the pixies

But with the words of Dickens

Whom you praised so deeply

‘You are in every line I read’

And also every word I write

I am reminded you were why I ever did

And why I still do every night

When I close my eyes

I travel in time

And when I cry

It is always intertwined

With the fond memories

of your love and beauty

For your own and my family

And still so much just for me

I think of what I will miss

Especially the little things

When you fought for my justice

To give me my wings

When you made me a leader

Which taught me conviction

And all the times you wrote me letters

filled with your very own wisdom

And with each adventure you took

You would bring me back leaves

To put in the pages of my book

So I knew you were thinking of me

And you would only take

those fallen from the trees

So no lives had to ache

Only when they are set free

On my birthday some years ago

You sent wishes from far away

You wrote about Victor Hugo

the respect people pay

As he finished his story

For his greatness and others like him

That it was an eternal glory

Nothing can ever dim

I wish you knew your light

Was just as everlasting and bright

And to me there will be no rewrite

Of your life that could ever be more right

This is the longest poem I ever wrote

For I can’t bear to stop talking to you

But it is now time to let go

And this is me trying my best to

sad poetry

About the author

Ashley Tong

If I were a painter, linguistics would be my palette, and poetry my favourite brush. If I were an artist, nature would be my muse, and music my companion, and I shall endeavour to depict life as I see it.


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