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Little Footsteps

by Willow Rakiah Creager 2 months ago in sad poetry

A poem **(TW: grief!!)**

Little Footsteps
Photo by Nancy Hann on Unsplash

Sweetly, agony,

Comes into my sleep,

Bleeding me until

There's something real to me.

Living 'til another day

Steals what's left of me.

Silent, thieving,

Creeping little footsteps...

I have burned like a phoenix

To be reborn for you,

And I would cry every day

If what's standing here is true.

Forgive my ears, they didn't hear,

My arms still want for you.

My love, my son,

Set amongst the roses,

Ashes being corroded...

This can't be happening!

Sweetly sweeping through the trees

Comes a holy beckoning call:

Silent, thieving,

Creeping little footsteps,

Taking my blessing home.

My love, my dove,

Laid beneath the roses...

Sweetly, agony,

Come into my sleep.

sad poetry

Willow Rakiah Creager

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Willow Rakiah Creager
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