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When I say no, I need you to hear me say no...

When I say stop, I need you to stop...

No, I am not playing hard to get

Yes, I am attracted to you...

But yes, I have been abused in ways I won't ever talk about

And yes, the only one I will ever bring up is when my ex took my virginity without asking...

So please, I need you to stop when I say stop

Because if you don't, I will get tense

And I will get anxious

And I will be slowly dying and breaking apart inside...

So please, stop

Please do not make me have to fight your hands away

You're stronger than me

My arms will give up

And I will fall limp

And I will be fighting back my tears because I did not want this

I will be breaking inside every time I hear the elastic on my clothing stretch...

But worst of all, I will be trying to fight logic

Because I put myself in this position, right?

Because I'm a kinky brat so it must be that I'm playing hard to get...


sad poetry
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