Healing dreams


Like messages through the night

We can see a story

That is our of sight

Like a little birdy

Or a whispering tune

We are told the things

That we are meant to do

As sacred as the heat from the sun

We warm our bodies

And feel the love

Just like a little freckle upon the face

Where you have been touched by an angel

In a holy place

With healing of the heart, mind, and soul

We learn to rest

So that we can grow

To process each of the moments

That put us to the test

To prepare ourselves

To do our very best

Filling our glasses

With every ounce of love

Sharing with the world

As we move along

Never reaching empty

If we listen

To the messages from above

Kayton Hickenlooper
Kayton Hickenlooper
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Kayton Hickenlooper

I write to clear my mind. To get out of the fog of daily confusion. An artist by heart. To live, laugh, and grow.

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