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Like Yesterday

by Keggercast 4 months ago in love poems

A lyrical poem from my youth

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

You know it might not be that bad

I miss the pleasure in being sad

I miss the happiness in loneliness

I would die for just one kiss

But you know I'd ask for another you wouldn't give

I don't know why I get so high

But I know that I lie

When I say I won't get high anymore

I know I should leave

But I tend to believe you

When you say that you love me like you've never loved before

I would like to go out on you

But I could never look down upon you

It doesn't matter what you think

It doesn't matter how much I drink

I need your love like yesterday

I wish I could turn back the hands of time

So I could write a different rhyme

And we'd be together for all our lives

I can still taste you on my fingers

The memory still lingers

We're still dancing to the music in my mind

I doesn't matter where you stand

I don't care how stoned I am

I need your love like yesterday

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