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By Dawn EvansPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

tell me you like my ass and I would give it a shake for your enjoyment

say you like my curves and you can slide your hands all over them

tell me you like my eyes, I blush, but can almost agree

tell me you like my work and I'm sure to minimize it

tell me you like my words and my mind and I suddenly can't be near you

kind words too often leave me drowning in shame


my counsellor has been coaching me to smile and say thank you

resist the urge to hide away or argue

people mean nice things and you are worthy of hearing them

cry and write out what you need to when you get alone

it always brings waves of heavy emotion

always brings me a new lens to see me through


kind words are not just to get in my pants

I have value that is so much bigger than being quiet and non-needing

someone could like my expressed thoughts and feelings

not just the words that stroke his ego to rise

my aversion to compliments is not quite as simple as being shy or humble

a harsh reality that at 38 my self is finally set free to exist by me

it's not nearly as ugly as I was lead to believe

sad poetry

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Dawn Evans

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