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Light-Year Growth

From Thought to Action

By Alex C-BPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

Empty sheet with a ballpoint pen in my hand,

Blank stare as I make my foot dance.

Tap tap tap.

Ideas flash on my mind-screen,

A light-year journey from the depths of space

Focalized by the universe behind my face.

The image gets clearer,

A reflexion in the mirror

Introspection of an inner thinker.

My heart rate accelerates

Until the beat echoes louder than I can tolerate,

So I meditate and see each thought gravitate.

Strong waterfall flow orchestrates a visceral cascade,

Electrical sparks all over the place,

Creative horsepower pours words onto the paper like rain.

Deep breath,

Left hand possessed

Drawing alphabetical symbols.

Atomic syllables of ink linked into rhythmical molecules

Stimulate your senses to communicate my vision,

Information sinks in.

Now the story unfolds,

Literal gold.

A hero's quest is told.

This chronicle of growth,

Broken free from the wrath of loath

To face the adversity of the unknown

On a path one must walk alone.

Plot twists at every frontier,

Perpetual fear,

New friends same foe,

The end remains unclear.

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About the Creator

Alex C-B

Pieces of myself through facts and fiction - A fallible human of the digital era. I bought the ticket, missed the ride, then tripped down the rabbit hole and woke up stranded with you in this strange matrix.

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    Alex C-BWritten by Alex C-B

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