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Light in my dark world

by Brian Sattler 3 months ago in sad poetry
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A poem about the accident that changed my life

Light in my dark world
Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash

Was it my fault?

Did I hurt those who I swore id protect?

The metal runs through my legs, My mind filling with made-up scenarios of what happened.

what happened?

I can't move. Stuck in this bed as if I was glued

My muscles frozen... stiff as if my blood was turned to glue

My body searing like a steak cooked on high

My world turned to darkness in the blink of an eye

Without warning, my life turned upside down

... darkness that I cannot bear

...darkness that only your voice reached me through

Without being able to speak I felt your voice run through my body...though I was alone I felt your voice soothe me

I was alone in a dark world where your voice shined light... I was alone but only wanted to see you

I dreamed a different life in that bed I lay. my mind filling the cracks of confusion

Every dream I made. I dreamt of only you.

That night...

That night on June 1st my life changed forever. My bones broke but what hurt the most

was not knowing if you were ok.

But then you spoke

your voice lighting my dark world

Hey guys!!! Please share my poem and comment your reviews. I wrote this about feelings during the first few days in the hospital I remember After my accident that crushed my body on june 1st 2021. Thank you!!! I will have more poems and stories coming so please follow me and like my poem

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