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Light a Candle

by Jason White 2 months ago in inspirational

an original poem by Jason White

Light a Candle
Photo by Elise St. Clair on Unsplash

Light a candle for your pain

Let it all float away.

Your demons are constantly watching

Don't let them in.

You don't realize this,

But you're stronger than you know.

I know you feel like an alien


Like you lost your power

To exist.

But look within

You got the power to live.

Take a breath.

You got what it takes.

Just let that pain float away.

And when the wind brings it back to your door.

Make it a tea,

Or pour it a drink.

Sit and listen for a bit.

Then send it all away again.

Remember the streets in your veins

You're a born queen

So sister straighten your crown

Hit your stride again

Make the devil pray

He don't cross your path

Walk with your head held high

Keep them demons at bay

Light a candle for all your pains

And let it all float away.

Jason White
Jason White
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Jason White

Jason White is a father, a grandfather, knowledge seeker and sharer. Jason is the owner of Growth Positive Consulting where he puts his fundraising and management skills to great use. He is a writer, a woodworker, and a philanthropist.

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