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Life through the Blinds

by RockyHighlander 10 months ago in sad poetry
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Love Minded

Life through the Blinds
Photo by Matt Brown on Unsplash

She dances through my mind, smiling and happy,

Those fuzzy socks she loves pulled up passed he calves,

Her laughter brings peace to a turbulant life as the sunsets behind her.

She comes closer, love in her eyes, love for me,

with each step, the heart fills with life, and rush of joy awakens the soul,

and now...

The wisps of a memory, the cords disconnected, strings dangling in the wind.

A photo reel of memories play through the early morning, sunlight breaks the horizon and sends light directly to my window, life through the blinds play out like dramatic plays on the stage of reality. Heartbeats countdown the moments, like drumbeats to the song of love, regaling the tales of the summer adventures and the love stories there. The cold nights and firelights, the struggle and the triumph, and the sting of seperation.

I miss you, I love you still

sad poetry

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