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Life thread

by M.E about a month ago in love poems

The love that connects us

Life thread
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My mom had me,

she had me alone.

There once was a dad of course,

but now he is long gone.

At first, I used to ask her,

where he was at.

She would look at me with sad eyes,

and reply I should forget.

Of course, is no easy thing,

To be born without a dad.

But worst it would be,

If my mom had also left.

So now it's just us,

as it always has been.

She is the most beautiful person,

that I have ever seen.

She has brown eyes

and fluffy curly hair.

Her hugs make me feel,

As I belong everywhere.

Her words are sweet,

and her smell is the best.

We sleep in the same bed,

and share everything.

If I didn’t have her,

I couldn’t imagine what life

would've been.

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