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Life as Seasons Rather Than Chapters

a poem

By Lucy Dan (she/her/她)Published 3 years ago 2 min read
Life as Seasons Rather Than Chapters
Photo by Susan Q Yin on Unsplash

If you think about life as a book,

each phase becomes a chapter,

moving along, moving forward.


Chapter 13,

our protagonist chased numbers:

number of Facebook friends,

number on the scale,

percentage marks.

Skip ahead —


Chapter 17,

her life was about filling up

a curriculum vitae.

Instead of hobbies,

she had extra-curriculars.

She slept not to rest

but to consolidate her study material.


Chapter 22,

she found herself

chasing predetermined milestones.

BSc done?

MSc, PhD, here we go!


When you think of life

as a linear process

of achieving “expected goals”,

you find yourself lost

when the arbitrary structure is gone.


In seasons you might find

there is a power behind

the familiarity behind the cycle

as core themes return,

and you can witness growth.


In this season of her life,

she sees cycles in her growth.


The Spring of a habit

might be new and exciting

but also tough and enduring.


In the Autumn of routine

she might find that it no longer fits,

but understands that

revisiting and knowing that

growth is okay,

as is changing her mind.


Yet Spring will cycle back.

A previously abandoned idea

resting in hibernation

may return, grow and blossom

with a second chance.


Seasons of routines

wax and wane no different from the moon,

grow and die as the seasons warm and cool.


Thank you to Aimée Gramblin and Shanna Loga for this poetry prompt:

Write about the season of your life. What have you learned to take into this season? What are you learning now? What memories do you cherish? Turn this reflection into an essay, poem, or work of fiction.


Lucy (The Eggcademic) is shifting away from the linear, uphill battle of achievements and shifting towards experimenting with how routines foster habits and regular reflections on growth. At every chapter of her life, she attempted to meet externally determined goals of what you should achieve after elementary school (Chapter 13), high school (Chapter 17) and undergrad (Chapter 22). After that, she started counting in seasons, revisiting her earlier hobbies and reflecting on what fit and what didn’t within her life. It’s been so relieving. She has also written poems about racism, simplicity and growth.

This piece was first published here.


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