letting go

and holding onto myself

letting go

I will not fight against time

or wrestle with the wind.

When the sun sets, I will welcome the moon

and let the darkness embrace me.

Seasons will come,

bringing showers and blooms and color;

and they will go,

taking the hours of the day and the moments they held with them -

I will not resist.

I will feel the rain when it pours

and let the sun's extended rays soothe me.

these passing minutes will not send me into hiding;

instead, I will wade in these waters while they are here,

but I'll never chase the waves as they recede from shore.

seconds will slip through my fingers like grains of sand,

and I won't lose more scrambling to hold onto them.

when the birds come I will greet them

and join in on the song they sing,

but when they leave I will carry on with my own tune -

and I will bid them goodbye.

- the lesson of letting go

Hayli Wilson
Hayli Wilson
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Hayli Wilson
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