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Letting Go

by Desoba 5 months ago in sad poetry
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VII- When is it ever time to say goodbye?

Letting Go
Photo by Chaney Zimmerman on Unsplash

Letting Go

When they ask me what went wrong

I'm afraid I won't have an excuse

When they wonder why not us

I shall have to ask the same thing

To think I was doing right by you

Not saying how I truly felt

To protect what I thought we had

What kind of friendship is that?

If you had only told me to my face what you wanted

Perhaps I would have said "me too"

Because deep down I really do

If I had only been straight with you

Perhaps we would still be a thing

Threading through life having each other's backs

what a dream that is now

I want to say I'm sorry

that its all my fault

but we both know it takes two to tango

Maybe its all in my head

For all I know, I could have just been a kindred spirit and nothing more

I don't know how many more memories to birth out

what else to tell myself you are still there

For the sun is setting so

and I guess I have to do the same -

To put these feelings to rest;

to do the one thing I never saw myself doing.

If we are to go on separate paths - snap the pod we both cohabited in

Then I must do just that.

When they ask me what went wrong

I still won't know what to say

But to let go,

I sadly must...

- desoba__

sad poetry

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