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Letter To The World

Thanks For the Thumb Up Your Ass!

By VNessa ErlenePublished about a year ago 1 min read
Letter To The World
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Letter to the World,

You and I are not the same.

You blame, you pray, and I am dealing with the devil you perceive be the problem day after day.

This devil has no horns, no hooves, and no history of falling from heaven.

This devil is a broken world.

Social norms are changing right before your eyes, and you can’t see.

Instead, you ignore the issues before your eyes; you call it a sin and often think less of me.

While you sleep safe in your bed, I am crying and lost in my head.

You pray, and I plan; you roll your eyes in exasperation,

While I am dying from frustration.

You have no desire to show compassion to those who need it the most.

Instead, you raise your glass and greet every disaster with a toast.

You sharpen your judgemental knife with the shame and guilt of the vulnerable.

I say it’s high time you were held accountable.

Put away your fake nice and get your ass off of your device.

Roll up your sleeves, put on your boots, and go out into the World ready for change.

Start with the people you once thought to estrange.

Listen to the stories without contempt.

You are now accountable and no longer exempt.

Until you are willing to get down in the trenches with the blood, the guts, and the social gore,

I refuse to acknowledge the shit you spew forever more!



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About the Creator

VNessa Erlene

A Ph.D. student and Celtic Priestess who is an explorer of knowledge, spirituality, and political incorrectness. Your voice and knowledge is your power!

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