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letter from a well-traveled locket

you wear my chains

By Mackenzie DavisPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
letter from a well-traveled locket
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first, a correction; it’s not that ‘locket’

is wrong. but your potential to name what I am

abducts my soul into a military line up; I am

a polished dinner spoon     aching for the loaded bite.

[don’t imagine my mouth open     wretched

with denial.] you wear me     fragmented

removed.      my soul is a multifaceted fantasy     snapshots

yet to be captured     relationships masked

behind decades.     flat     against your breast     I drop

from this chain     hanged in broke-neck fashion     pressed

by a fabulist’s embrace.     human oil tarnishes

my love-voided sterling     yielding to time’s stains

an onward march. your pending un-loneliness     detached sentimentality

becomes your reason to wear the amethyst today

becomes     my coup.


it may come to pass that I live up to my name. perhaps

I already do. [you tell me so, anyway.]

locket     lock-it.

tell me. is it easier to learn to love when you guard



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Mackenzie Davis

“When you are describing a shape, or sound, or tint, don’t state the matter plainly, but put it in a hint. And learn to look at all things with a sort of mental squint.” Lewis Carroll

All work is owned by Mackenzie Davis.

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  • C. H. Richard4 months ago

    Those last two lines are exquisite. So much is lost for those with their guard always up. Yet it is always based on fear. Well done ❤️

  • Oooo, this was so gorgeous! Loved the emotions here!

  • I love the movement. Nice pacing

  • I love this so much. I have read it several times! A gorgeous package.

  • Gerald Holmes4 months ago

    Exquisite writing. Loved it.

  • Andrei Z.4 months ago

    Enjoyed these lines, Mackenzie! Very expressive and eloquent. Despite the fact that I'm not a big fan of free verse poetry, you managed to touch my inner strings!:) They may not resonate perfectly, but they for sure produce some nicely pitched vibrations within me.

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