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Let Your Colours Be Free

by David Graham about a year ago in inspirational
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A poem by David Graham

Image by garageband from Pixabay

Some people see the world in black-and-white,

some people see the world in the colours of the rainbow,

some people see the world in all its strife,

some people see the world and feel its glow,

me, I see a bit of all, that's why I love to read and write,

that guy over there, he sees the world in red and blue,

that girl over there, she sees the same colours

but of a different hue,

I know it because I read their words,

just as you could too,

maybe if you did you would see a

different hue,

because that is the power of colours,

the way we see them,

it separates us from others,

I see red, maybe you do too,

or maybe you see blue,

but the way I see the world,

I don't need to tell you,

because you can see,

right here right now,

as you read my words,

these are my colours,

they are pouring from this page,

what colour do you see,

only you know if it is the same colour

as me,

you may find my colours to be

beautiful and bright,

so full of life,

my colours,

they may ring oh so true for you,

or you may find them dull as can be,

I hope not, but if you do

that's okay too,

because as you read you won't just see me,

you'll also see you,

and only if our colours are of a similar hue

will I resonate with you;

all of us so different, all of us so unique,

some so much so that they can feel so alone,

can feel completely and entirely on their own,

people in the past used to call me a freak,

I wondered if maybe they were right,

wondered it every day of the week,

which is why I started to write,

what could I change, how could I fight,

what could I do to make myself right,

each day I wrote, week after week,

I became unrelenting in my fight,

determined no longer to be a freak,

but the more that I continued to write,

the more I also started to read,

some days I saw red, some days I saw blue,

every person's work I read,

each had its unique hue,

the more I wrote, the more I read,

the more I found a reason to get out of bed,

we are all unique, which means we are all the same,

we all see our own colours,

some see red, some see blue,

I may even see the same colours as you,

but only when we write them down,

can we see that these words are true,

can we see that every view is true,

can we see that every view is completely

and entirely you,

that's why we must never hide from what makes us different

we must never hide from what makes us unique,

for our uniqueness is what makes us so similar,

is what makes us all alike,

our uniqueness is what paints the world

with such life,

all those reds, all those blues, all those different hues,

so many rainbows, all with their own unique glow,

so many rainbows, all with their own unique flow,

you're seeing mine now, you're seeing yours too,

that's the lesson I learned,

that's the lesson I share with you,

there are many people out there

who can see the same rainbow as you,

but you'll never know

unless you let your colours flow,

you'll never know unless you let

your colours be free, so

let your colours be free

let your colours be free,

do it now,

then maybe you'll see the same

colours as me, but then maybe you won't,

but what you will see is all your colours

exactly as they are meant to be,

gloriously bright and

gloriously free.

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About the author

David Graham

Due to injury I write using voice dictation software! Lover of psychology, science'y things, movies, fiction and self-improvement. From the north-east of England!

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/DavidGraham86

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