Let's Write a ABC Poem

By K. Exum

Let's Write a ABC Poem

Let’s Write A ABC Poem:

The website I Used for Help: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/article-poetic-forms

Okay, I discovered this a while back and wanted to try in April but got lazy. So it’s never too late. An ABC poem is when every first word starts with a letter from the alphabet. From A to Z. This was so hard especially X and Z but here’s my best down below.

ABC Poem:

A woman killed in her home

Breonna Taylor was her name

Calls to the mayor but they’re still slow with our requests

Don’t give up they will make the arrests

Envision that they will become convicts

Forgive no one they deserve life sentences for shooting her in her crib

Guilty of killing someone while asleep in their crib

Heroes is what they are supposed to be

In her sleep, she was killed

Just like that, we are killed

Killers still free when blood was unjustly spilled

Laws being made in her name

More justice is what we still demand for

Never stop demanding for more

Officers do this too often

Police are supposed to protect not put people in coffins

Quiet is what they want us to be

Raised our voice was our choice

Still, they deem our movement as just noise

Tell the National guard to put us in place because we are tired of being mistreated because of our race

Understand our pain

Value our abilities but still can’t hear our pain

Wake up and see how we are being treated by police and these crooked judges

Xena she was

Yell to the top of your lungs justice for Breonna Taylor

Zero chances our voices will be closed anymore

Justice For Breonna Taylor

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K. Exum
K. Exum
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