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Lessons of Loyalty

Hidden Thorns

By shanmuga priyaPublished 30 days ago 1 min read

Life has taught a lesson clear,

Loyalty can't be controlled, my dear.

No matter the good you give away,

It doesn't ensure they'll treat you that way.

Those who mean the world to you,

May not value what you do.

Love's reflection often distorts,

In hearts where trust falls short.

Sometimes those we cherish most,

Are the ones who hurt us close.

Promises break, trust decays,

In the shadows of love's maze.

Hold your heart, but guard it well,

For in love's realm, it's hard to tell.

Those you trust may let you down,

Yet in your strength, you won't drown.

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shanmuga priya

I am passionate about writing.

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Comments (13)

  • Novel Allen21 days ago

    So much truth in these words. It sure if devastating when you try your best and get it thrown back in your face. Still we persevere. Lovely poem.

  • Gloria Penelope22 days ago

    Great inspiring love poem.

  • angela hepworth23 days ago

    Such an important message.

  • Beautiful poem. I love it!

  • Real Poetic25 days ago

    This is so true and one of the hardest lessons in life to learn. Amazing job.

  • Hannah Moore25 days ago

    This is so very worth hearing.

  • Babs Iverson28 days ago

    Brilliant a d beautiful!!! Love it!!!💕❤️❤️

  • This is so true. Those we love the most would be the ones who would hurt us. It's just so sad. Loved your poem!

  • Dawnxisoul393art30 days ago

    Your heartfelt words resonate with the truths of life's unpredictable journey. The lesson of loyalty's unpredictability is poignantly portrayed, reminding us to cherish ourselves and guard our hearts.

  • Muhammad Safdar30 days ago


  • Gael MacLean30 days ago

    Excellent insights. So easy to be disappointed and unseen.

  • Wow Priya! Highly appreciate your talent at the end of each line! Wow, I heard a Sinhala song that gives a similar taste. So I kept mesmerizing 😍😍😍!

  • Sherif Saad30 days ago

    Good work

shanmuga priyaWritten by shanmuga priya

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