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Less Empty

by KM Austin about a year ago in love poems

To the Man on My Mind

Let me fill you with my words

so you'll be less empty tonight

Let me taste you with my senses

So I can love you right

Let me hold your hand

So you'll never lose sight

Of the stars in the galaxies

And the blaze in my eyes

Count the breaths you take away

As I live in a twisted maze,

Drowning in your loving luxury

A free fallin heart, all a daze

Skipping every other beat,

Trying to catch up, and hoping it's not just a phase.

That million dollar smile fills my soul

With a magical ecstacy I can't shake

Be my drug, you're anything but dull

Give me all you've got and forget the fake

Memories left inside your skull

I'm breaking through the walls you made

And stitching up wounds from all those fools

I may not be your first,

Your second, or your third

But I'll quench your thirst

And hang on every word

To prove you're not a curse

We all have flaws, but I can't afford

To push you away, even at your worst

Your eyes hypnotize

The demons in my head

They're here to win the prize

Of love and lust. I know you said

You're not ready, so sick of lies.

I can be your heaven in bed

And love you til sunrise.

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